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Below are some of our prices. The are several reasons that you will see price ranges, instead of fixed prices.

The number one reason for price ranges is the time to perform our service.

It takes much longer to cut and style long thick hair, than it does for short, lighter volume hair.

The number two reason would be the amount of color and products we would use for long thick hair.

Naturally the longer and thicker your hair is, the more product we would use to have the same desired end product.

The number three price indicator would be the amount of years and training our stylists have.

Being in business for over 35 years, we have several Master Stylist on staff!

We look forward to you experiencing our staffs magic!

Generally most clients fall into the middle of our price ranges, because they have medium length hair with medium volume.

Mens Cuts
$25.00 To $52.00 Dollars

Womans Cuts
$30.00 To $75.00 Dollars

Children’s Cuts
$20.00 To $35.00 Dollars

Color Treatments-(No Foils)
$45.00 To $75.00 Dollars

High-lights-(With Foil)
Full Head $65.00 To $110.00 Dollars
1/2 Head $45.00 To $90.00 Dollars
Hair Line $39.00 To $69.00 Dollars

Low-lights-(With Foil)
Full Head $65.00 To $110.00 Dollars
1/2 Head $45.00 To $90.00 Dollars
Hair Line $39.00 To $69.00 Dollars

Body Wave
$75.00 To $110.00 Dollars

Keritan Smoothing Treatment
Express Package $125.00 Dollars
Lasts 4 to 6 weeks

Cadiveu Keritan Smoothing Treatment
Long Term Package $359.00
Lasts 4 to 5 Months

Basic Manicure $20.00 Dollars
French Manicure $24.00 Dollars

Full Spa Body Treatments!
Eye Brows $15.00
Brazilian $60.00 And Up
Bikini $25.00 And Up
Full Legs $65.00 And Up
Half Legs (Knee Down) $30.00 And Up
Feet $15.00 And Up


10 min $20.00 Dollars

15 Minutes $30.00 Dollars

30 Minutes $50.00 Dollars

45 Minutes $75.00 Dollars

60 Minutes $100.00 Dollars


Mini Facial $42.00 Dollars

Full Spa Facial $85.00 Dollars

Color Correction Services
By Consultation Appointment. Call to schedule an appointment.

Hair Extension Packages
Must Have A Consultation First, so we can assess clients needs and expectations of this service.


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Tuesday 9-8
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Thursday 9-8
Friday 9-5
Saturday 9-5
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